Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're in Tokyo!

Guess where we are... Japan! The day after graduation, Chris and I hopped on a plane to visit my parents in Tokyo. We are having SO much fun! We've eaten lots of yummy food, been to a couple of craft stores with my Mom, and today, we're going to the outdoor art museum in Hakone (which is near Mt. Fuji). I took this picture a few years ago, when I was visiting my parents for Christmas. You can see Fuji-san in the background and the red shrine gates in the water. Beautiful, right? I love it here.

I will be posting up more pictures soon, so check back later on today or tomorrow. 

P.S. I've put my shop on vacation mode while we are gone, but it should be back up and running after May 11th. Please email me at madebyjewls[at!]gmail[dot]com if you need anything. : )

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blue eyed night owl said...

Wow, that's great news! You go have lots of fun, ok?

I've been to Tokyo once when I was eleven, but I've always wanted to go back, especially now I've discovered the joy of shopping :P

And I love that picture, it's so serene.