Monday, April 26, 2010

Urban Serenity

My friend, Erin, just opened up an Etsy shop called Urban Serenity! Her photos are so gorgeous AND you can buy an 8x8 print for only $15!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! Cherry blossoms are my favorite flower. I totally want to buy this print to display in my bedroom. 

I love the contrast and colors, her lighting is perfect! The magnolia in this picture is beautiful!

These pictures would make great Mother's Day gifts! So head on over to her shop and check out the rest of her pictures!

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Melissa Clark said...

Beautiful! I love it! I hope all is well with you and I am sorry it has been forever. I think I am not going to do the boutique this year but I am on board for next year. I just need a little time to regain my footing on life and spend time with my family. We recently lost a dear family member and I am having a bit of a hard time and feel like I need a break from high demands to focus on what is close to my heart. I will update my personal blog and am so excited to do a fabric swap still. But I am going on vacation mode on Etsy for the summer and will be back refreshed and ready in the fall. I will keep checking out your new stuff and will for sure keep in touch. I appreciate everything you have done for my shop and the great friendship! xoxox Happy week!