Monday, June 20, 2011

TWO Made by Jewls Giveaways!

This is amazing guys... you have two chances to win some Made by Jewls goodness today!

Head on over to Gussy Sews because...

I'm giving away a $50 gift certificate {that's a LOT of earrings!} to my shop on her blog for giveaway day today! 

You really don't want to miss this event she's doing, there's a new giveaway each hour so head on over and enter them all to win some sweet stuff! 

I absolutely LOVE Gussy. She is so incredibly cute, makes adorable ruffled bags and her blog is one of my favorites! If you don't already follow her, you need to do so right now!


I'm giving away a $20 gift certificate to my shop on VintageWannaBee

Have you seen Nichelle's blog? This girl is absolutely adorable, I can't get enough of her awesome diy posts and "nichelle-ism" posts. Her blog is definitely something you should follow. :)

Anyways, I have some fun and exciting things planned for you guys this week, so check back again tomorrow when I'll be giving you a sneak peek at my NEW summer line of earrings! 

P.S. I also have an exciting DIY post planned for later in the week... so check back soon, you definitely want to see this one! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Hi, I'm Julianne and I'm a Pinterest-aholic

Have you guys heard of pinterest? Well, I'm seriously addicted. Instead of blogging (which I've desperately needed to do - so sorry for abandoning you all for a while), I spend hours and hours "pinning" pictures of decorating ideas, baby room ideas, crafty inspiration, craft show booth ideas, future home ideas, etc. to boards on my page. Seriously, whoever came up with that website is a genius. Before I discovered pinterest, I would save everything I thought was cool (recipes, patterns, pictures, etc) in my firefox bookmarks. It was so unorganized but I had to be able to go back to it later if I needed it.  But now I can save all of that to pinterest and it's nicely organized and I can come back to it anytime I want.  YOU can even see my pins and save them to your own pinterest boards if you want. It's truly a magical site.

So now that I have you interested, you need to head on over to, request an invite and get going on making your own boards. I promise you'll love it {I'm going to confess that while writing this post, I pinned and repinned several pictures} :)