Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Be Nice or Leave

I LOVE these pillows! They are made by Alexandra Ferguson on Etsy and I want to save my money and buy one someday. I used to work at Albertsons in the customer service booth and I put this awesome yellow pin on my apron that had this same quote on it, I loved it. Maybe it wasn't the best thing to wear at work but I was really tired of dealing with grumpy people.

I don't usually deal with grumpy people in my house (unless my husband has a bad day at work), but it would still be cool to have one or two of these on my couch. What do you think?

Alexandra makes some other awesome pillows like...

(I'd love to put this one on our bed)

(I love how simple and pretty this one is)

So head on over to her Etsy shop and check out her other creations!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bijou Market

I will be selling at the Bijou Market on June 5th! Come check out all of the cute things from my Etsy store and get a preview of some of my new items before I list them in my shop! And don't forget to say hi, I'd love to meet you! : )

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back from Vacation!

That's right, we're back! We'll we've been back for about a week but with the jetlag, getting unpacked and situated, and going back to work, I've taken a little break from blogging/tweeting and all things social network-ish. Now I'm ready to get back into things and have a few pictures to post up from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

I graduated with my bachelors degree in Art and Visual Communications on April 30th!

Shaking the department chair's hand after walking across stage and picking up my diploma

Pretending to throw my cap

and then bright and early the next morning we were on a plane to Japan to visit my parents...

Riding on the train in Tokyo

Still on the train. Meet my husband, Chris

Harajuku. Yes there really were that many people there. It was a holiday

Harajuku girls

Asakusa shrine

Chris and I in front of Mt. Fuji

I think this is one of my favorite pictures of me

We went to the Mori Outdoor Art Museum and we got to soak our feet in this relaxing foot bath. They had oranges and lemons floating in the water.

Chris and I soaking our feet. He's so cute. : )

At the Peace Shrine in Hakone. It was so peaceful and beautiful there. These red tori gates are in the water and they lead you up to the shrine at the top of the hill.

Me waiting for the train at the station near my parents house.


And that's it for now, I hope you're all having a great week!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're in Tokyo!

Guess where we are... Japan! The day after graduation, Chris and I hopped on a plane to visit my parents in Tokyo. We are having SO much fun! We've eaten lots of yummy food, been to a couple of craft stores with my Mom, and today, we're going to the outdoor art museum in Hakone (which is near Mt. Fuji). I took this picture a few years ago, when I was visiting my parents for Christmas. You can see Fuji-san in the background and the red shrine gates in the water. Beautiful, right? I love it here.

I will be posting up more pictures soon, so check back later on today or tomorrow. 

P.S. I've put my shop on vacation mode while we are gone, but it should be back up and running after May 11th. Please email me at madebyjewls[at!]gmail[dot]com if you need anything. : )