Sunday, May 10, 2015

Want to be a Made by Jewls Brand Rep?

Want to become a Brand Rep for Made By Jewls?  Of course you do!  What do you get out of it?  Four new pairs of earrings every month, absolutely FREE!  Plus, you'll get new followers (if that’s your thing), make new friends, and look fabulous doing it.

How it works:  You let us know what styles of earrings that you like, then every month, we will send you four new pairs of earrings - some you picked out and maybe a surprise or two!  You would then do a post every week featuring your fabulous self wearing our earrings.  All you have to do is tag @madebyjewls, use the hashtag #madebyjewlslove and include somewhere in there as well.  To top it all off, you will also get a discount code that you can share with your friends and followers each month.

What we are looking for:  We believe that ladies of all shapes, sizes, color, age and style deserve representation.  We think you are all uniquely beautiful, so don’t be shy.  So what we are really looking for in our Brand Reps, are your selfie skills (its a thing) and your photography skills.  Clean, beautiful photography, and frequent posting is important!  The number of followers that you have isn’t a factor, so don’t worry about that.  But your profile MUST be public to be considered.

How to enter:  Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you by Sunday, 5/17/15.  Submissions end Thursday, 5/14/15, at midnight, so enter now!

Rules:  We have the right to discontinue using you as a rep at any time.  We want you to be your beautiful self, but keep in mind we have a brand to protect!  So, no profanity, crude language, inappropriate pictures (let’s put it this way, if you wouldn’t show it to your sweet grandma, mother, or aunt, it won’t fly with us either.)  You have to post at least once a week and include: tagging @madebyjewls, use hashtag #madebyjewlslove, include in your post, and post the discount code that will be provided uniquely for you to share.  The period of representation is six months, starting in June and ending in December.  We also ask that you not feature any other button jewelry shop on your social media for the duration of your rep period and for 3 months after. Thanks! :)