Friday, July 9, 2010

Yellow Makes Me Happy

Every Friday, I want to do a post about something that makes me happy and this week it's the color yellow.

this print is by letterhappy

wreath by ItzFitz

brooch by appleblossomfl

pixie hat by talk2thetrees

brooch by madeinlowell

Aren't these lovely? What's something that made you happy this week? Tell me in the comments below.


yours truly dear said...

yellow also makes me happy. oh, and selling with you at the market :]

Jansen Family said...

Hi Juliann! I just found your blog from Ashley's have so many cute things! I especially love this Yellow post because Kaia (my 3-year old) loves the color yellow. Whenever she tells me that she likes something (like a flower or car or plate...) because it is yellow, it makes me smile!

Jansen Family said...

PS. I also love the card tutorial!