Sunday, July 11, 2010

Treasury Sunday - Layers of Circles

I wanted to share my new treasury with the blogging world. I'm really fascinated by circular shapes, especially layers of circles right now and this treasury showcases some of my favorites.

What do you think? What shapes do you find yourself being drawn to? I know that's a random thing to think about, so just go with it.

I had to think about questions like that during my last semester in school. I took a "Special Topics in Painting" class and we would often talk about what forms or shapes we felt like we needed to put into our pieces. Circles were a popular choice. I started out the semester wanting to put circles on everything but then after creating one failed painting after another, I had to ask myself that question again. What shape did I feel like I needed to be creating? After much thought, I decided that it wasn't the shape that I was interested in, it was the color. So long story short, I started focusing more on color instead of shape and I had an incredibly successful semester.

Now you're probably wondering why I made a treasury and did a whole blog post on circles if they weren't working for me before. Well, I've decided to give circles another chance. I may not use them in my paintings, but I think they may find their way into my jewelry. :)

Anyways, I hope you guys had a great Sunday and thanks for checking out my treasury!

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James and Summer said...

c-ute! ideas - I love all the circles.