Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving and 381 Mida Lane Giveaway Winner

We are finally all moved in to our new place and I'm ready to start blogging and listing new items in my shop!

Check out my new wreath! I made it using this tutorial. It makes me feel like our new place is "home" now that I have hung my fall wreath on the door.

Another thing that happened while I was moving... I totally spaced out that I had a winner to announce for the 381 Mida Lane giveaway, so here she is...

Congratulations Jill, you're going to LOVE these earrings! Make sure you post up a blog picture of you in your new gorgeous feather earrings :)


hiyaluv said...

yay for you:) your new wreath is grand. It must have taken you forever to make?! I just bought a wreath and am going to attempt to make the same. hooray:0

Kayleigh said...

I just checked out the new stuff in your shop - The pics look like they were taken at a market. Did you do another one? Or was that at a Farmer's Market?

Also, I need to see your new place sometime. Is it in orem/provo?

Jill K said...

Hooray!! And I love your wreath.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, I love it! We just moved too, it's crazy, I've been forgetting all sorts of things! I agree, having some of your personal stuff around makes all the difference in the world! Love your sweet blog, so happy to be your newest follower!